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Impotence or erectile dysfunction is no longer an age issue. More and more young men are also suffering from these problems, which also diminish their confidence and self-esteem. While other sexual enhancers are often associated with side effects, this is not the case with Eroxel.

The reason for this is that only natural substances are used in the production of the capsules. Those plants has been considered a natural erectile stimulant for centuries and are characterized by their multiple effects on the male body.

Taking Eroxel capsules not only improves the performance in bed, but also stimulates the feeling of pleasure and the availability for sexual activities (libido). The dietary supplement is characterized by a very good tolerance.

The many causes of sexual erectile dysfunction

There are many problems that lead a man to lose a satisfactory erection. And even if the male in question is willing to put in the effort to regain his former virility, it is not always easy to stop this evil in the blink of an eye. The first of these causes is obviously age, since it is often from the forties onwards that men start to complain about what is more commonly known as the withdrawal syndrome.

But not only, since there are young men who can also suffer from it. The second cause is more physical and technical, since it is the blood flow in our body that is no longer consistent enough to fill the cavernous tissues of our penis, and thus make us have a normal hard-on. And the third of these causes, the most vicious and devious one too, is psychological since we all know that it is our brain that commands each action to each part of our body. It is therefore our brain neurons that would also impair the action of the blood supply to our penis, and thus prevent us from having a semblance of an erection.


The causes of erectile dysfunctions being thus put forward, there is a way to act. Yes, but we all agree that since no one can regain his former youth, we can only intervene on the blood circulation and on the mental state of the person concerned by erectile dysfunction. Here is the goal that the laboratory manufacturer Eroxel gave itself.

What is the purpose of Eroxel?

The physical cause was not considered by the laboratory to be the most difficult to eradicate, especially since it is not at all dangerous, since no one has ever died from not being able to get a hard-on. On the other hand, the psychological cause had to be treated with the greatest care, because it is the one that does the most damage to the heads of men who have become impotent. Indeed, these men are almost traumatized by not being able to use their sex at their convenience, they are also frustrated by not being able to honor their partner, and are ashamed of what happens to them.



This is especially true since they are deprived of the sexual pleasure of orgasm during ejaculation. This leads some of the most fragile to fall into a psychological depression… Which doesn’t help their problem at all, quite the contrary! The laboratory manufacturer Eroxel thus bet on 2 strong points to be guaranteed of a success with the arrival:

  • To find the best components being able to improve the blood circulation, and thus to increase tenfold the influx of blood within the penis.
  • Find the best natural ingredients to reduce anxiety and boost the patient’s libido, thus diverting his mind from the dark thoughts that have been preoccupying him until now.

And we can say that he was not mistaken, because in addition to promoting blood supply and restoring good mood and physical stamina, Eroxel also has the power to significantly enlarge the size and diameter of the penises concerned, thanks to the various aphrodisiac and energetic plants and roots that make up each of these capsules.

How does Eroxel work?

The Eroxel dietary supplement works in a way that respects the natural activity of your body. That’s why its effects are observed on several levels. This innovative pill solves the problem of the size of your penis because it improves the blood flow through the tissues of your penis. This increases the productivity of the corpus cavernosum. In other words, if the blood flow in the penis increases, its cells enlarge and the tissues automatically spread. This makes the manly member bigger and thicker. And as a result, the user can optimally achieve a harder erection.

Moreover, this extraordinary formula boosts the production of the male hormone called testosterone to a sufficient level, which is responsible for increasing libido. Indeed, you will be able to lengthen your penis up to some cm.

Eroxel comes in the form of capsules to be swallowed with a large glass of water, and that, at least during a cure of 30 days to be able to profit with effectiveness from the many virtues of the product. To take advantage of all the results, you just have to take 2 capsules a day, preferably before a meal and with a big glass of water.

Indeed, Eroxel has the power to restore desire and sexual drive to those who sorely lack them, by raising their testosterone levels. This leads them to desire sex with their partner again. They are thus more confident in themselves and in their physical abilities and endurance. What the lady appreciates, after these months of forced abstinence, especially since the ejaculation is now delayed, and it is possible for the man finally cured, to start again just after having ejaculated!

It is enough to make you dream, but it is not all, because by improving the blood flow delivered in all the body, Eroxel also increases the volume of the cavernous cells of our penis. And the more the cure is maintained over time, the more this volume of the cells of our penis increases, which makes that at the end of a few months, that our penis is broader in diameter, and longer in size!

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Some Ingredients of Eroxel

Eroxel is a preparation containing herbal substances in its composition, which naturally increase the level of testosterone in the blood. Testosterone is a hormone that plays an important role in the life of every man. It allows you to enjoy full physical fitness, both in terms of muscles, figure and sexual abilities.

The manufacturer uses only natural substances as the basis for the mode of action of these capsules. Here some of the ingredients he used:

L-arginine: The synthesis of nitric oxide is permanently influenced by this substance. Among other things, this supports the dilation of the blood vessels, a process that plays a decisive role in male erection.

Zinc: This active substance has a lasting effect on sexual potency and can stimulate it naturally. Zinc is therefore often taken to support prostate health.

Maca powder: This plant is considered the best natural virility stimulant and aphrodisiac. The powder extracted from it helps to stimulate and improve erectile power and possibility in the long term.

Ginseng extract: rich in ginsenosides, phytosterols and polyacetylenes, this plant not only increases sexual potency, but also improves libido. In addition, ginseng is said to have a relaxing effect, so users can relax and calm down more easily after taking the capsules.

Ginkgo Biloba: It is from Japan that this vegetable extract is drawn from the tree named Ginkgo Biloba. And it is since always that one uses it to look after the impotence of certain men, and to reboost thus their sexual libido but also their power of erection. Because the Ginkgo Biloba acts in power on the blood circulation, and thus helps to fill the penis of the influx of blood necessary to a firm and tended erection.

As many other ingredients such as Selenium, Ginger, Vitamins,…

Eroxel Eroxel

All the benefits of Eroxel

A sexuality booster: By awakening the sleeping libidos, Eroxel restores to men the desire to make love. By making them find themselves again with a sizeable erect penis, it restores their self-confidence and calms their mind. And by cancelling their problems of premature ejaculation, it makes them new Dom Juan, that the women tear off!

Completely natural: So it is as safe for our good health as it is effective for men who need help to straighten their crossbow. Filled with only organic components, this Eroxel treatment can in no way be compared to the dangerous poisons that are chemical drugs.

A gain in energy: Whether it is from a physical or cerebral point of view, Eroxel is beneficial to us thanks to its numerous energetic components. These components have a positive effect on our endurance in action or our development of intellectual capacities. We are therefore once again on the alert with such a treatment, ready to find ourselves again on the starting line, as we were at our 20th birthday!

Penis enlargement: This is what one of the slogans promoting Eroxel claims. And even if the sizes announced in these advertisements are exaggerated, it turns out that in treatment over a long period of time, Eroxel increases the inner volume of the cells of the penis, making it grow and widen over a few dozen millimeters!

Available over the counter and at an inexpensive price: Since it is completely safe for your health, Eroxel tablets are available without a medical prescription. Besides, the 30 or 60 capsules boxes are still very cheap compared to other similar products, which may not be as effective.

Eroxel tested – We have verified its effectiveness

Impotence or erectile problems are always a sensitive subject for men. It was therefore difficult to find suitable subjects for our Eroxel test. Nevertheless, we were able to find two men who were willing to take the capsules for us for an extended period of time.

Carlos, 42, and Jose, 34, agreed to test the impotence drug for us. Both men are not entirely satisfied with their own sexual performance and Jose, in particular, suffers from time to time from erectile difficulties that make a normal sex life impossible.

Day 1: Eroxel in test also meant for us that we first had to explain to our volunteers how to take this preparation. Before any sexual activity, two capsules were to be taken in combination with a glass of water. In order for the substances contained in the capsules to take effect in time, they should be taken about one hour before the planned sexual activity.

The substances contained in the capsules primarily promote blood circulation and relaxation of the entire body, so that erections are formed more quickly and can therefore be maintained. Our two volunteers agreed to take the capsules as recommended and we were able to start our test.

Day 15: Two weeks later, we were able to record the first positive results. Both volunteers noticed a clear improvement in their erectile capacity. Jose, in particular, rarely had erectile problems anymore.

In addition, both subjects agreed that the duration of the erection had also significantly increased. None of the men reported any undesirable side symptoms and even taking the preparation was described as easy by our testers.

Day 30: After the first positive experiences, we were eager to know the final judgment of our volunteers about Eroxel. It was positive for both testers.

Carlos and Jose were able to significantly improve their erection and power by taking the capsules regularly. According to their own statements, both men had more pleasure in bed again and the feeling of pleasure of our volunteers had partially improved.

Eroxel convinced us on all the line. This natural drug against impotence is distinguished by an effectiveness that other competing products can only dream of. Used correctly, it allows men to treat power and erection problems in a natural way, without overloading the body with chemicals or other additives. The capsules are therefore well tolerated and the natural formula of the active ingredients even allows for long-term use. Erection and potency problems can therefore soon be a thing of the past if those concerned favor taking Eroxel.

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There is nothing like a treatment like Eroxel to give power and renewal to any sexual life. But also to take care of your body and mind, since the ingredients contained in this food supplement are filled with a multitude of vitamins and other natural energetic components from plants and roots or bark. This makes it a 100% organic nutrient, which actively participates in supporting our nervous and immune systems, while providing us with the energy necessary for long-term physical practices. Energy gain and mental and intellectual comfort are on our agenda when we follow such a treatment.

Since this product favors the growth of our hormones and more particularly that of testosterones, we also gain on the number and productivity of our spermatozoids, which makes us more fertile! It is also important to remember that being of 100% natural composition, it has no declared side effects, nor any contraindication to its use.


When can I expect an effect?

Especially in case of existing erection or potency problems, men want a fast acting product to improve their sexual performance. With all the positive reports about the capsules, however, we have to curb the expected euphoria a bit.

In our self-test, our volunteers could see an effect of Eroxel very quickly. However, for some users, the effect may be slightly delayed. Therefore, the manufacturer does not make any promising statements about the onset of the effect.

The reason for this is that the substances contained are absorbed more or less quickly by the body. Nevertheless, if taken regularly, the first improvements can usually be observed within the first few weeks of use.

Are there any official test results and studies on Eroxel?

This dietary supplement is a sexual enhancement preparation that has only been available on the German market for some time. Due to the fact that it is presented as a supplement, no test or study results are required for its release.

Therefore, during our research we did not find any indication that Eroxel has already been subject to clinical studies. However, this should not be considered as negative.

For whom are these gelules intended?

Of course, the manufacturer addresses its preparation primarily to men who suffer from erection or sexual power problems. The intake of Eroxel makes it possible to remedy these problems in a natural way, without overloading the body with additional chemicals.

Thanks to the mode of action of this preparation, the sexual performance of the man can also be improved, provided that there are no problems or disorders yet.

What are the prices for Eroxel and how to buy it?

The price of the preparation is in the middle range. Especially on the manufacturer's website, the prices are affordable and unbeatable! Thus, if you order one box (quantity necessary for one month of taking), you will have to pay 37 euros. On the other hand, if you order more, discounts will be applied.

So by going through the manufacturer's website, great savings are in prospect. In addition to the discounts, you can also benefit from additional bottles without paying anything.


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