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Poor sexual potency can have negative consequences for a man’s overall health and well-being. Erection problems can be an indicator of more serious underlying conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes or high blood pressure. These diseases are major risk factors and can be life-threatening for men if not properly treated with a product such as Eroprostin. It is critical to address potency problems in a timely manner and seek appropriate treatment to avoid long-term health complications.


In addition, poor potency can have a significant impact on a man’s emotional life and relationships. The inability to satisfy a sexual partner can lead to frustration, anxiety, low self-esteem and even depression. Erection problems are associated with decreased quality of life and increased psychological stress in affected men. Therefore, it is essential to address potency problems comprehensively, not only for physical reasons, but also for emotional well-being and healthy interpersonal relationships.

Eroprostin – The product

Eroprostin is a product specifically designed to enhance male potency. It is formulated with natural ingredients that work by stimulating blood circulation in the penis, which can result in firmer and longer lasting erections.


This product is a popular choice among men looking to increase their sexual performance and enjoy a more satisfying experience in the bedroom.

When to use Eroprostin?

Eroprostin can be used in the following cases:

Zaburzenia erekcji: It can be applied to help combat erectile dysfunction and improve the quality of erections.

Niskie libido: If you experience a decrease in your sexual desire, this product can help increase libido and stimulate sexual appetite.

Słaba sprawność seksualna: If you feel that your performance in the bedroom is unsatisfactory, those caps can improve the firmness and duration of erections, allowing you to perform better sexually.

Brak pewności siebie: Jeśli cierpisz na brak wiary w swoje możliwości seksualne, Gelarex może zwiększyć twoją pewność siebie i pomóc ci cieszyć się przyjemniejszymi spotkaniami intymnymi.

Ingredients of Eroprostin

We would like to introduce you to the specific ingredients of Eroprostin. The manufacturer relies exclusively on natural substances that have a versatile effect on the male body and at the same time guarantee a high level of tolerability. The individual active ingredients are:

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Ginkgo, Ginseng, L-Arginin, Maca, Selenium, Zinc, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin B1, Vegan vegetable capsule shell.

Effects of Eroprostin

Eroprostin works effectively to enhance male potency. Its unique formula is designed to provide several benefits:

Stymulacja krążenia krwi: Gelarex zawiera składniki, które pomagają zwiększyć przepływ krwi w okolicy narządów płciowych. Może to skutkować lepszym ukrwieniem tkanek prącia, co przyczynia się do jędrniejszych i trwalszych erekcji;

Increased sexual performance: When it is taken, the nerve endings of the penisa are stimulated, which can improve sensitivity and pleasure during intercourse. This can lead to increased sexual performance and a more satisfying experience overall.

Libido Enhancement: The natural ingredients present in thos capsules can also stimulate libido and increase sexual desire. This can be beneficial for men who experience a decrease in their sexual appetite.

Zwiększona pewność siebie i poczucie własnej wartości: Poprawiając potencję i sprawność seksualną, Gelarex może pomóc mężczyznom poczuć się pewniej i pewniej siebie podczas intymnych spotkań. Może to mieć pozytywny wpływ na ich samopoczucie emocjonalne i relacje.

Za i przeciw

Zalety Con's
✅ Herbal active ingredients Dostępne tylko online
✅ Very good quality/price ratio ❌ Ebay and Amazon charge too high prices
✅ Fast and reliable results Efekty mogą być widoczne dopiero po pewnym czasie.
Dobre opinie klientów
✅ Effective alternative to conventional medicine
✅ Very low risk of side effects


Use of Eroprostin

The manufacturer attaches particular importance to the correct intake of Eroprostin to ensure that the capsules have an optimal effect. It is strongly recommended to take the capsules at the same time every day. The amount of two capsules should always be taken at the same time.


Eroprostin Tips

According to the manufacturer, it is very important to drink plenty of fluids after taking the capsules. There is not much to consider in terms of dosage, as the sexual enhancer comes in the form of caps, which guarantees error-free dosage.

Eroprostin Test – Own test week 1-4

Many men are currently taking Eroprostin. Since it is a natural sexual enhancer, the onset of the effect varies. Factors such as age, general health, potency problem, extent of potency problem and general attitude naturally influence the results. Robert tried Eroprostin once because he simply had the feeling that his libido had decreased somewhat due to a lot of stress at work and he didn’t want to keep disappointing my sexual partner. In weeks 1 through 4, he experienced the following while taking Eroprostin:

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Tydzień 1 - Rozpoczęcie przyjmowania i pierwsze reakcje

He started taking Eroprostin on a Sunday when I was alone at night. His wife had spent the night with our daughter. He wanted to try it to see if the effect would kick in right away. But it didn’t. But by the end of the week he started to feel more energetic after taking Eroprostin again. However, it was not enough to have sex with his wife.

Week 2 – Tentative results

In the course of week 2 after he started taking Eroprostin, he noticed that his libido increased significantly. After a long time, he had the courage to ask his wife for a sexual act. And it was during this sexual act that he realized that taking Eroprostin really makes a difference.

Tydzień 3 - Drugi raport okresowy, bardzo pozytywny

By week 3, he realized that he was becoming more and more self-confident. In addition to fully concentrating on the individual movements during intercourse with his wife and making sure he was doing everything right, in week 3 he finally felt – after a long time – that he could have fun again during intercourse. He almost felt ten years younger. His own feeling is that thanks to Eroprostin his performance during sex has increased significantly and he was able to have an orgasm again.

Tydzień 4 - Ocena końcowa po czterech tygodniach

After four weeks of taking Eroprostin for the first time, he can draw a positive conclusion. He have regained much of my self-esteem, which he thought he had lost. Both his wife and him feel that he has become more efficient and has more stamina. He feel great and will continue to take those capsules regularly.

Opinie medyczne

As a cardiologist with years of experience, I want to share my opinion of Eroprostin. I have had the opportunity to research and evaluate various male potency enhancement products, and I must say that Eroprostin has left a positive impression on me.

The formulation of Eroprostin, backed by natural and carefully selected ingredients, is a highlight. As a physician, I am always concerned about the safety and efficacy of the products I recommend to my patients. In the case of Eroprostin, I can say that it meets the quality and safety standards I expect.

Zaobserwowałem, że moi pacjenci, którzy stosowali Gelarex, doświadczyli znacznej poprawy funkcji erekcji i ogólnej satysfakcji seksualnej. Wyniki były spójne i zachęcające. Ponadto nie otrzymałem żadnych doniesień o poważnych skutkach ubocznych lub działaniach niepożądanych związanych z tym produktem.

Ważne jest, aby pamiętać, że każdy pacjent jest wyjątkowy i może mieć różne reakcje na leczenie. Zawsze zalecam, aby moi pacjenci skonsultowali się ze mną przed rozpoczęciem stosowania jakiegokolwiek nowego suplementu lub produktu, aby wziąć pod uwagę wszelkie podstawowe schorzenia lub możliwe interakcje z lekami.

In summary, based on my professional experience and knowledge, I can endorse the efficacy and safety of Eroprostin as a male potency enhancement option. However, it is always critical to seek the advice of a physician before starting any new treatment regimen.”

Dr. Wendy Moureau, Cardiologist

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Users reviews

There are both positive and negative real testimonials about Eroprostin on various platforms, such as forums, social reds and pharmacy websites. More than 95% of the comments are positive. Negative testimonials and comments are mainly related to allergies to product ingredients or buying counterfeit products.


Eroprostin is suitable for men of all ages and intended to alleviate potency problems. The capsules offer solutions for various aspects of the problem. They can not only increase erection strength, but also sexual stamina and thus prolong intimacy. At the same time, sperm activity is increased, which can make the hope of fulfilling the possible desire to have children come true after all. After big evaluations we can recommand another product which is very similar to Eroprostin: Titanodrol.

What is Eroprostin and how does it work?

Eroprostin is a male potency product formulated with natural ingredients. It works by stimulating blood circulation in the genital area, which can improve erectile function and increase sexual desire.

Who is Eroprostin designed for?

Eroprostin specifically targets men who suffer from erection problems. It is also said to have a positive effect on sperm production and improve overall virility. Therefore, the manufacturer directly targets men who wish to improve their performance in bed and.

How long does it take to see results with Eroprostin?

Results may vary from person to person, but many users report improvements in erectile function and sexual desire after regular use of Eroprostin. However, it is important to keep in mind that results can take time and may depend on a number of individual factors.

Is it safe to use Eroprostin?

Yes, Eroprostin is safe to use. It is manufactured according to European Union quality and safety standards. However, it is important to follow the directions for use and consult a doctor if you have any concerns or pre-existing medical conditions.

Can I use Eroprostin if I have allergies?

If you have a known allergy to any of the ingredients in Eroprostin, it is recommended that you do not use the product. It is important to read the ingredient list carefully before use and consult a physician if you have any questions or concerns about allergies.

Where can I buy Eroprostin?

You can buy Eroprostin from the manufacturer's official website: IncHealth. It is recommended to purchase it only through the official website to guarantee the authenticity of the product and to avoid counterfeit or low-quality products.

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    My experience with Eroprostin has been exceptional. At 45 years old, I started to notice some potency issues and it was affecting my confidence in the intimate arena. I decided to try Eroprostin and the results have been amazing.

    Since I started using the product, I have experienced significant improvements in my erectile function. My erections are firmer and longer lasting, which has led to much more satisfying sexual encounters for both me and my partner. In addition, I have noticed an increase in my sex drive, which has revitalized my sex life.

    As a lawyer, stress and long hours at work can affect my performance in all aspects of my life. Eroprostin has been an effective solution to combat potency issues related to stress and fatigue. It has helped me maintain good sexual performance even in the most hectic moments of my professional life.

    • 27. March 2024 12:17

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