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Penglihatan yang memburuk dan kelelahan mata dapat menimbulkan konsekuensi kesehatan yang serius; ada risiko bahwa masalah penglihatan yang tidak diobati dapat menyebabkan kerusakan permanen. Salah satu bahaya utama adalah perkembangan penyakit mata seperti degenerasi makula, glaukoma, atau katarak. Penyakit-penyakit ini dapat merusak penglihatan dan bahkan menyebabkan kebutaan jika tidak terdeteksi dan diobati [...]

In addition, prolonged eyestrain caused by long-term computer work, intensive use of mobile devices and lack of breaks can lead to symptoms such as dry eyes, burning eyes, blurred vision and headaches. These symptoms can significantly impair quality of life and have a negative impact on work performance.

Dioptik – The Product

Dioptik is a product in capsule form for people who want to protect their eyes from stress above all. This dietary supplement uses the power of active ingredients to improve vision and prevent eye diseases. Dioptik reduces intraocular pressure, combats the effects of free radicals and restores vision after treatment.


This medicine helps restore vision without surgery. It restores the resistance of the blood vessels and soft tissues of the eyeball, thus eliminating disturbances in the functioning of the optic nerve.

In addition, vision is weakened when the eye muscles are damaged. Muscle imbalances put excessive pressure on the eyeball and vision deteriorates. Many people use glasses to get rid of these problems, but sometimes they do not achieve the desired results.

Dioptik Ingredients

There are many ingredients that make Dioptik one of the best vision supplements currently on the market.


These elements, all of which are of natural origin, are:

Biotin, Kalsium, Kromium, Tembaga, Asam folat, Zat besi, Magnesium, Mangan, Molibdenum, Niasin, Asam pantotenat, Selenium, Cangkang kapsul nabati vegan, Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C.

How does Dioptik work?

Dioptik is a food supplement designed to improve visual acuity and relieve eye fatigue. A little while of taking the first capsule, tension and pain behind the eyeball improves and, after a full course of treatment, vision improves significantly. By taking this food supplement, the risk of developing eye diseases is minimised. Because Dioptik has the ability to regulate the activity of the eyeball muscles, it restores normal focus and restores clear vision and a vivid perception of the world.

The effect of this supplement is immediately noticeable: eye strain and inflammation are eliminated, the retina is strengthened and visual acuity is improved. In addition, Dioptik improves the clarity of shadow perception through its ability to stimulate nerve synapses.

This medicine is recommended as a general tonic, an additional source of anthocyanins, vitamin A and selenium. Clean Vision improves visual acuity, reduces eye fatigue caused by prolonged work in dim and artificial light and also helps to improve night vision.

Dioptik is perfectly combined with eye exercises that allow amazing results to be achieved in a short time. This means that the patient no longer has to wear glasses every day or undergo further surgery.

When is it recommended to take Dioptik?

It is recommended to take the food supplement when the following symptoms occur:

  • Unexpected onset of difficulty in distinguishing near and distant objects;
  • When everything around you becomes dull and blurred;
  • If glasses have to be worn frequently;
  • Unpleasant sensations in the eye sockets and forehead;
  • If tiredness, tearing and burning of the eyes occur frequently.

What effect can be expected from the application of Dioptik?

People who opt for Dioptik capsules will soon be able to enjoy the beauty of the world’s colours and shades again. This powerful product restores vision and protects the eyes, as it contains carefully selected ingredients. It is enough to take two capsules a day to feel the amazing effect of the Dioptik preparation. The capsules act directly on the cause of the problem, reducing intraocular pressure, protecting the eyes from the harmful effects of free radicals and minimising the risk of dangerous diseases.

People with different visual impairments reported significant improvements in all body systems that ensure optimal functioning of the visual apparatus and they reported regained clarity of vision.

When we talk about a product like Dioptik, we certainly know that it brings results in a short time and this is certainly a strong point that differentiates it from all other products on the market. In short, those are the benefits the product can bring and what people who use it consistently can expect:

  • no more itchy eyes;
  • no more redness;
  • no more burning;
  • no swelling;
  • no worsening of vision;
  • no more tiredness;

Pro dan Kontra

Pro Con's
✅ Made in Austria ❌ Possible interactions with other drugs
✅ Mudah dibawa ❌ Hanya tersedia secara online
✅ Penawaran penghematan ❌ Mungkin memiliki efek yang tertunda
✅ Favourable price
✅ Without chemical mace


Instructions for dosage and use

Taking Dioptik is very simple: simply take one capsule twice a day with one tablet with a glass of plain water. The first effects will be visible after a few weeks, but to complete the treatment, the capsules must be taken consistently and regularly for at least 30 days.


If you have any questions about taking Dioptik, please consult the package leaflet or contact your doctor for clarification.

Dioptik Test and real-life experiences

In our siw-week self-test, we take a closer look at the effect of Dioptik vitamin eye capsules. In this test report, we share the experiences and results of our test subject, Rocío, who was concerned about her eye health and vision. We followed up to see if Dioptik could alleviate her concerns about tired, stressed eyes and other vision problems.

Minggu 1: After I started taking the Dioptik capsules to improve my vision, I did not notice any immediate changes. It is important to be patient and give your body time to react to the nutrients.

Minggu ke-2: In the second week, I noticed a slight improvement in my vision. My vision seems to be sharper and I can recognise letters and details a little more clearly. It is encouraging to see the first results.

Minggu ke-3: My vision has continued to improve. I can now see details and fine lines much more clearly than before. Overall, my vision is sharper and more accurate.

Minggu ke-4: Week 4 has yielded impressive results. My vision has improved considerably. I recognise letters and images better at a distance. I don’t need to wear glasses or contact lenses as much as before.

Week 5: I am delighted with the results obtained with Dioptik. My vision is at a level I haven’t experienced in years. I can see small details effortlessly and my eyes feel less strained.

Week 6: Dioptik has continued to improve my vision. I now see much better in the dark and have fewer problems with dry eyes. My overall visual comfort has improved and I am very happy with the results.

Testimoni Medis

“I would like to share my experience as an ophthalmologist with regard to Dioptik. Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to treat numerous patients with different vision problems. Recently, I began recommending Dioptik to my patients seeking to improve their eye health and the results have been truly impressive.

As an ophthalmic specialist, I place great value on the efficacy and safety of the products I recommend to my patients. Dioptik has met all my expectations in terms of quality and results. The carefully selected ingredients in these capsules offer significant eye health benefits.

My patients who have used Dioptik have experienced a marked improvement in their visual acuity, as well as a reduction in eye fatigue and increased clarity of vision. In addition, I have observed that those with age-related vision problems have experienced a slowing of the deterioration of their vision.

Importantly, patients who have followed the directions for use and purchased Dioptik through the manufacturer’s official website have had the best results. This guarantees that they are receiving a genuine, quality product.

As a doctor, my main goal is to provide my patients with the best eye care and treatment options. Based on my experience and positive patient testimonials, I can confidently state that Dioptik is a recommended choice for those who wish to improve their vision and maintain optimal eye health.”

Dr, Marcia Paquet, Ophthalmologist.


Dioptik is a natural supplement to improve vision loss, relieve eye puffiness and increase visual conductivity and the working potential of the eye muscles. Reviews are very positive, in fact both women and men who used it experienced improved vision and an overall reduction in fatigue. It is suitable for those who want to improve the work of the eyes, for those who work long hours in front of the monitor, for those who read and study, for those who in general need a real ally to be able to see better.

After a hard day’s work at the computer or on the mobile phone, your eyes always look rested and never tired. At last a product we have all been waiting for, suitable for young and old alike!

Who is at risk of eye problems?

The human eye is an organ that is sensitive to genetics, responds to care throughout life and can suffer from diseases associated with old age.


It is therefore fair to say that a large number of people are prone to eye diseases. Even if they do not have a hereditary eye condition, they are prone to eye problems at some point in their lives.

Why is it important to check my eyes regularly?

Most eye health or vision problems are relatively easy to treat when they are detected early. Therefore, if you carry out frequent check-ups we will be able to detect and treat them appropriately. There is no better cure than prevention!

Does computer use affect my vision?

Computer use often causes eye strain as well as discomfort, irritation and inflammation of the eyes. In some cases they can even cause headaches. By adjusting your desk and chair to the right distance, resting your feet on the floor and keeping your back straight, you will reduce strain and achieve a comfortable working posture. Never work in the dark. Illuminate the screen and work area with direct light (for example, with a lamp), although you should avoid reflections. Place the screen at a distance of no less than half a metre and slightly inclined so as not to strain your neck.

When should I see an ophthalmologist?

You should visit the specialist if:

  • you frequently feel irritation in your eyeball;
  • you have itching (typical of allergies) and unusual secretions;
  • you feel foreign bodies in your eyes for a long time;
  • you notice abrupt changes in your vision: black spots, flashing lights, double vision...;
  • your eyelids feel swollen internally, or if you experience pain or twinges in your eyes;
  • you have a stye and instead of disappearing it gets worse;
  • you have a family history of glaucoma or any other eye disease.

How do Dioptik capsules work to improve eyesight?

Dioptik capsules contain a special formula of natural ingredients specifically for eye health. The ingredients work together synergistically to improve vision, strengthen the retina and support protection against harmful environmental influences.

How long does it take to see results?

Results may vary from person to person. Some users report improvements within the first few weeks, while for others results only become visible after a longer period of use. It is recommended to take the capsules for a full course of at least 4 weeks to achieve optimal results.

Are there any contraindications and side effects?

According to the manufacturers, only vitamins and mineral ingredients have been used in the production of Dioptik supplements, so that the capsules can be used by almost anyone, the only contraindication being individual intolerance to the ingredients. In any case, it is recommended to consult an ophthalmologist before using this product.

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Berdasarkan peringkat 13

Ditinjau oleh pengguna 13

    really works!

    My eye doctor recommended Dioptik because it really works!

    • 26. January 2024 10:36

    produk yang bagus!

    At my age, maintaining my eyesight is particularly important and I have tried various products. Since using Dioptik, I have noticed a significant improvement in my eyesight. The capsules are easy to take and I appreciate the carefully selected ingredients. My eyes feel less tired and I feel that my vision has become more stable. Thank you for this great product!

    • 21. December 2023 16:19

    extremely beneficial

    I have found Dioptik to be extremely beneficial. Dryness and strain from excessive screen time was a problem for me, but since using Dioptik, my eyes are healthier and more comfortable. I no longer end my day with tired, aching eyes.

    • 20. December 2023 11:17

    helps relieve the irritation

    I have very dry eyes because of a thyroid problem that also makes my eyes very red and irritated. Dioptik helps relieve the irritation.

    • 20. December 2023 9:48

    yang terbaik

    In your 70s, you need to take care of your eyes and Dioptik is the best

    • 19. December 2023 13:08

    noticed a change

    From the first days of using Dioptik I noticed a change in the appearance of my eyes, less sensitivity to light, I don’t know if it improves my vision but my eyes definitely look less red and healthier.

    • 14. December 2023 22:50

    help to restore my vision

    I have been taking 2 Dioptik tablets a day to help restore my vision in one eye that is improving since I had major surgery.

    • 14. December 2023 14:58

    significant improvement in my eye strain

    Since using Dioptik, I have noticed a significant improvement in my eye strain. As a programmer, I spend many hours in front of a computer screen, which often leads to fatigue and blurred vision. The capsules have helped me to alleviate these symptoms. Not only do I feel more alert and focused, but my visual acuity has also improved. The natural ingredients make it pleasant to use and the effect has exceeded my expectations.

    • 12. December 2023 12:37

    the best supplement

    At 70, you have to take care of your eyes and Dioptik is the best supplement for this purpose so far.

    • 5. December 2023 15:52

    reduced my eyestrain

    I don’t know why it never occurred to me to take an eye supplement like Dioptik until now, but I am so glad I did. This has greatly reduced my eyestrain and light sensitivity.

    • 5. December 2023 13:29

    Patience to see the results

    I don’t know if Dioptik will work over time or not. As with many supplements and vitamins, it’s hard to know if they work or not. But my ophthalmologist wants me to take eye supplements and I do. Time will tell if it has good results or not.

    • 1. December 2023 0:13

    merek yang sangat baik

    In addition to protecting my eyes, Dioptik has the antioxidants that keep my immune system strong and at a great price! Don’t spend extra money on other brands. Buy this and keep your eyes and immune system healthy.

    • 29. November 2023 20:25

    Its work good

    I was very excited to get Dioptik and try it out. I have been using it for a month and I no longer feel the dryness in my eyes, so I can say that they did work for me!

    • 27. November 2023 14:34

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