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Vanefist Neo – Evaluation, Test and Reviews

What is Vanefist Neo?

Vanefist Neo is a dietary aid intended for those who are struggling to lose weight. It is a great complement to diets and physical exercise, since it helps you lose weight in even the most difficult areas. The product contains natural plant extracts that accelerate metabolism and help burn fat.

vanefist neo

The manufacturer claims that the caps will cause a significant weight loss. It can be many kilograms per month ‘without making sacrifices’. The goal of Vanefist Neo is that, after a week, your metabolism will be re-set by combining detoxification with fat burning.

Vanefist Neo Ingredients

Vanefist Neo contains four ingredients. These ingredients are designed to support weight loss in a variety of ways: vitamin B’s help activating stored energy, cocoa stimulates fat burning and glucomannan contribute to make you feel full.

Vanefist Neo

  • Glucomannan: Glucomannan is used for reducing appetite and leading to significant weight loss by increasing the feelings of fullness;
  • Cocoa: Cocoa helps to reduce weight by regulating energy use and metabolism;
  • Vitamin B1 (Thiamine): Vitamin B1 participates in the metabolism of carbohydrates, ie in the process that supplies the organism with energy. In addition, it clearly shows an important influence on the functioning of the nervous and cardiovascular system;
  • Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine): Vitamin B6 plays an important role in the metabolism of proteins and fats. It has an effect on increasing the rate of metabolism. Giving the body its larger dose helps to burn the excess fat and reduce the symptoms of cellulite.

How does Vanefist Neo work?

The manufacturer claims that these ingredients will trigger a body process whereby it maintains its own weight. In the intestines, there are substances that slow down metabolism and fat burning. According to the manufacturer, it is possible to lose weight by eliminating these substances.

vanefist neo

Vanefist Neo

There are three phases you have to go through when losing weight with Vanefist Neo:

  1. In the first phase, you will be able to remove all harmful substances and toxins from your body. Here is when fat loss begins;
  2. In the second phase, the body burns fat itself. You should start losing weight more or less on your own as the metabolism speeds up. In the third phase, it is crucial that you stabilize your fat burning;
  3. Vanefist Neo is available as an effervescent tab. The effervescent tablets should be placed in water once a day. Stir the glass briefly if necessary to ensure the tablet is completely dissolved.

Why is it worth choosing Vanefist Neo?

  • Delicious slimming support;
  • Ensure good hydration;
  • Speed ​​of absorption of the ingredients;
  • Purification complex;
  • Take care of your figure, your health and good condition;
  • Give energy to act;
  • Always have it at hand.
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Side Effects

As with all dietary supplements (including those that are purely herbal), there can be unwanted side effects when taken. In particular, maybe allergic reaction occurs when you are under an intolerance to one or more ingredients.

But due to the quality of Vanefist Neo, we assume that no serious side effects are expected.


With Vanefist Neo you rid the body of toxins, which drain your energy and cause digestive problems. The natural ingredients stimulate your organism and supplies it with energy for the workouts and for burning calories.

If you are curious about other products on the market, you can try the best alternative to Vanefist Neo: Reduslim.

What is Vanefist Neo?

Vanefist Neo is a product that fulfills the function of helping to lose weight. They have conducted safety studies, which allows them to compete in the market along with other brands specialized in this.

It is a product that helps in the process of losing weight. It also serves as a dietary supplement and has proven to be effective even in extreme cases.

Does Vanefist Neo help you burn fat?

In fact, the dietary supplement is merely a trigger for fat burn process. In this phase, the metabolism accelerates very quickly and forces the body to burn body fat on its own. This action will take place 24 hours a day, which means that your body will become a fat burning machine so that there is no respite for the fat burning process.

Is Vanefist Neo a natural supplement?

Vanefist Neo has been formulated with natural ingredients, with no health risks. It is non-toxic and non-chemical. Therefore, it is safe for anyone who wants to lose weight. In addition, it is formulated with gluten-free and vegan ingredients, suitable for all types of dietary profiles or patterns.

What are side benefits of Vanefist Neo?

In addition to weight loss, the supplement also helps fight cellulite and stretch marks. It helps maintain skin elasticity. It is also said to help maintain moisture and hair strength.

How to shed extra weight?

Everyone would love to shed extra weight. Regardless of which diet you choose, there are some things you can do to help you lose weight quickly. You've probably heard of it many times, but you still don't believe it can work. Your body will burn more calories if you eat healthy food on a regular basis. Avoid eating three large meals per day. You can have six meals a day if you break them into six pieces. This will ensure that you don't eat too much and won't feel hungry. You will feel more energetic if you eat throughout the day.

Why to start lifting weights?

You should know that lifting weights can help tone your body. It is often believed that lifting weights will make you large and bulky. This is false. You can only reduce the fat in your body and get lean muscles. I feel it is important to let you know that fats can be burned by muscles. You don't have to lift 100 lbs to lift weights. Try to lift five to ten pounds. You can do this for 15 to 20 times. You will notice a difference in your weight lifting efforts if you include it in your daily exercise routine.

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How to start losing weight for real?

You can't expect to see results if you only exercise once a month! If you don't make an effort to lose weight, you won't lose it. This means that you will need to exercise at least three times per week and spend between 30-60 minutes and 60 minutes each day. Many women will answer that they do all the domestic chores, which is how they maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, there is a difference between physical activity and exercise. To lose weight, you need to do some physical activity so you can actually see the results.

Why should you be aware of what you are eating?

You can check the ingredient column to see what foods you have in your pantry. Refined foods are extremely harmful to your body. These foods will make you feel full and then after a while you'll feel like you have no energy. Instead, choose fresh fruits and vegetables.

What to do if you don't have much time to exercise?

You are busy taking care of your family. This means you don't have the time or energy to exercise for 60 minutes. Here's some good advice. You don't have to exercise for an hour. Reduce your workout time to 60 minutes and make it a half hour.

Do not take a break after completing one exercise. Keep going with the next one. This will increase your heart rate, which in turn will make your muscles toned and firmer. Spend half an hour. It will suffice.

Why is important to keep your body hydrated if you want to lose weight?

You can keep your body hydrated by drinking lots of water. It also has another important part. You can lose weight by drinking lots water, believe it or not. Water is low in calories so make sure you drink plenty of it.

Although it may not be possible to move every day, you should still exercise if you can. If you are glued to your computer all day, you will not lose much weight. Get out and walk to get a glass of water.

How to burn more calories during the day?

Any excuse to move your body for a while is a good excuse. You'd be grateful to your body for this. Walking is a wonderful exercise. This is not about walking down the street or in a shopping mall. Walking on the beach or up the hill is what I mean. To increase your heart rate, you should walk faster so it feels like you are exercising.

What to know about diets?

Expect the unexpected. It is not an easy road to success. There will be tempting treats that can lead you down the wrong path. Donuts, cream cakes, fast food, and so forth. You have to resist these temptations and not succumb to them. If you do cave, eat in moderation and be careful!

Why to eat fat is not that bad for your body?

Fat has gotten a bad reputation, but it is still essential to our diets - in moderate quantities. All fats include butter, margarine and oil, as well as cream and cream. Fats can be classified as either saturated or unsaturated. Saturated fats - which are often of animal origin – are thought to be more harmful to your health than unsaturated fats which mostly come from plants and fish. Take-out and junk food are often high in fat, so it is important to avoid relying on these types of foods for your entire diet. Replace saturated fats with mono-unsaturated or poly-unsaturated fats.

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How to eat healthier?

Sugary drinks are a major contributor to weight gain. You can eat more, but you should limit your portions. Stick to the 1 plate rule. You should aim to eat 6 healthy mini meals per day. The rule is that you should eat fiber, good carbs, and protein in your daily meals. You should aim to eat 2 servings of fruits every day and 5 servings of vegetables every day. It's better for you to eat organic or wholemeal foods. You'll feel less hungry if you eat healthy foods.

What are great tips for weight loss?

  • You can cook more of your own food - you will know exactly what you are putting in your body.
  • Enjoy a treat every now and again - losing weight should not be a chore. Don't feel pressured to eat your favorite treats all the time. It's about enjoying your food in moderation.
  • Do not shop hungry - Never plan a healthy meal with a newly bought ingredient. Why? Because a rumbling stomach makes all things look better. It's not a surprise that supermarkets have barbecued chickens on spits in delicatessen areas all day. Research shows that this smell encourages shoppers to spend more. Don't shop if you're stressed because you're more likely to buy comfort foods and treats. To help you make rational decisions, eat an apple or a protein bars before you go to the shops.

Why to renovate your workout rutine?

Your progress will be slowed if you do the same workout for two months. This is because your muscles become accustomed to your routine and you cease seeing any changes. Change things every 4 weeks. You can add weight, sets or reps to your cardio and strength workouts to make progress. You will spend less time in the gym if you spend more time in your discomfort zone.

How to keep exercising for weight loss?

You can get a little puffier as your health and fitness improves. If you can find the time to do 20 minutes or more of vigorous activity (jogging, fast cycling, fast swimming, singles tennis, fast rowing, hockey, squash, aerobics) several days a week.

If you're new to this, walk faster and include hills and steps into your daily routine, gradually increasing the difficulty and intensity.

Why to try a high variable intensity training?

High variable intensity training, such as interval training, and any type of stop, start workouts, are a great way to increase your metabolism. Turbulence Training is a great workout that combines high intensity training and resistance training. It's short, but highly effective, and suitable for both men and women.

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    I was having doubts about consuming a weight loss supplement or not. Now that I know that Venfist Neo is 100% natural I’m not afraid anymore.

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